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The Lacquered Nightstand

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Designed and built to be a show-piece for commission builds, this modern nightstand resulted in something more than we'd expected. Finished with a custom-color lacquer, the exterior creates a nice compliment to the natural finish of the oiled walnut drawer front.

This contemporary bedroom unit is designed to be customized so that dimensions, colors, and woods can all be produced to spec.

Modern nightstand - lacquer finish - handmade furniture

Modern nightstand being photographed

Construction info:

The exterior cabinet frame contains ten coats of pigmented lacquer followed by 10 coats of clear. While very laborious, the results from this type of finishing can be quite satisfying.

Drawer specs:

  • Box: Solid maple

  • Front: Solid walnut

  • Pull: Leather

Modern nightstand drawer details


Modern lacquer nightstand

View the listing for this product here or inquire about your own custom piece of modern bedroom furniture by contacting us directly.

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