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Photoshoot : burner #2

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

It is always exiting to photograph a new piece. It happens after the long process of drawing and figuring out how to physically accomplish an object. This is where all the efforts that were put into a design come together to produce that satisfying image.

Komolab photography shoot

Even though there are consistent methods of product photography, unforeseen challenges, for some reason, always arise. When photographing an object, light bends around the corners and carves around curvatures. With this said, moving the light source a few degrees in one direction will alter the shot. Because of this, every photoshoot ends up needing some form of experimenting one way or another.

Komolab photography shoot - modern incense burner

I'd say the results are quite satisfying this time around...

Modern incense burners - wood and concrete

Photo above (left to right):

See the listings for these concrete and wood incense burners as well as previous designs in our shop, here.

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