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Custom ebony credenza build

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Komolab was recently commissioned to build two custom units to be installed in a remodeled home in New Orleans Louisiana. The client's home is a beautifully renovated shotgun house located near the heart of the city. In collaboration with interior designer Sarah James Moss, the project included a wall-mounted credenza and a matching wall-rack.

Ebony credenza installed on interior wall

The credenza is made entirely of solid oak wood that has been ebony finished and coated in a clear satin poly. The hardware uses soft-close hinges and modern brass pulls resulting in a high-end modern cabinet.

This was the first piece of custom furniture we have done that mounts directly to a wall. There is much weight that comes with solid oak wood. So as a solution, we used a french-cleat that covers nearly the entire width of the cabinet.

The cleat is mounted to studs in the wall using lag-screws. It can be challenging to find the stud framing in historic homes such as this one. During renovations, usually drywall is added to the existing interior walls. This means the wall is thicker. Fortunately, this also means the credenza has more material to mount to during install as the original wall surfaces of these old homes were usually made with wood siding.

Wall mounted ebony furniture

The build process begins at board selection. Rough sawn oak lumber is then flattened, surfaced, and glued into panels to create parts from. Watch the video below to get a glimpse into the production of this modern wall furnishing.

This modern credenza design is available from Komolab to your custom specifications. This means we can match your interior's woods, finishes, and dimensions.

See the base model for this unit here: Noir Credenza

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