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Introducing the Sweven Stool

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Named after a word meaning "a dream or vision", the Sweven stool has the potential of introducing inspiring geometry to your interior. Based on an equilateral triangle, the solid wood frame connects elegantly at the base and creates a podium for the matching top.

This design, as usual, did go through some exploration before arriving at its final outcome. For a while, the top was originally planned to be upholstered. But, after the first prototype of the base was built, having a continuous material simply felt right.

Kyle Comeaux - furniture designer

The top appears to float with a radius-cut around the perimeter to soften itself upon the hard-lined aesthetic of the frame below. This visual separation creates an attractive distinction between frame which then highlights the function of the seat.

Sweven stool details

The entire construction of these stools are from solid hardwoods using time-tested joinery without a single mechanical fastener. This makes them 100% biodegradable.

Modern kitchen barstool - white oak

View the listings for the Sweven stool in each wood here.

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